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Care of the sensitive area for women

Care of the sensitive area for women

The sensitive area is the vagina and what surrounds it from the outside, and it is an essential area for every girl and must be maintained and taken care of constantly. Body and skin care in general is essential for every girl, but its importance increases when you are a bride about to marry, especially with regard to sensitive areas in the body. They often suffer from blackness and need you to use special care products for them, in order to avoid any allergies that affect them.
Care of the sensitive area

The most important steps to take care of the sensitive area before marriage:

  • Correct cleaning of the area
Care begins with cleaning properly, so it is recommended that this area be cleaned with warm water, after that you dry it with a suitable towel for the sensitive area only, and it must be gentle on it. Hair dryer on cold.

  • Vaginal douche on doctor’s advice
Do not do a vaginal douche without consulting a doctor, because from a medical point of view, the vagina is an area that does not need to use certain detergents, on the contrary, it can clean itself naturally through the vaginal secretions that it naturally produces, and cleaning products have proven to cause vinegar to balance bacteria. It is normal and may affect the pH of the vagina.

  • underwear
Wear all-cotton underwear, and avoid nylon or synthetic fabrics, especially if your skin is sensitive and easily irritated.

Avoid wearing tights or compression garments.

Underwear should be changed daily, and as we mentioned, it should be made of cotton.

Do not wear underwear while sleeping at night.

  • Peeling the sensitive area
It is one of the effective ways to take care of the sensitive area and whiten it before marriage. You should exfoliate twice a week for a month before the wedding, using peelers dedicated to the area, in order to avoid any irritation or sensitivity in it, and it is an essential step within the steps of lightening the sensitive area.

  • perfume
Avoid using any perfumes or scented materials to perfume the sensitive area, as they may cause you allergies. You can use scented natural herbs or natural essential oils.

  • Moisturizing
One of the most important steps for the bride to take care of the sensitive area before marriage is permanent moisturizing, especially after peeling because it causes the area to dry out. Use an appropriate moisturizer for the sensitive area with daily commitment to it.

  • Hair removal
You should remove hair from the sensitive area at least two days before the wedding date, as hair removal can result in some side effects such as redness, the appearance of small pimples or irritation, and therefore you have enough time to correct it, and you should use the same method that you used to She has to remove the hair of this area to avoid any irritation or sensitivity.

General tips to maintain the sensitive area before marriage:

Do not rub the sensitive area or cause cracks in it.

Not putting pads on every day.

Wear clothes that help to ventilate the area. You should wear clothes that allow air to reach the sensitive area, and it is preferable to wear white to prevent overheating.

Avoid detergents meant for external cleaning of the interior area.

Do not use deodorant on this area, as it contains harmful chemicals and perfumes and may irritate the area.

There are masks dedicated to the care of the sensitive area and whitening before marriage, and they are whitening masks for sensitive areas, so you can use them for a period before the wedding and adhere to them to get a better result.

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