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The 4 Best Tummy Tuck Exercises

The 4 Best Tummy Tuck Exercises

Tummy Tuck

Many men and women suffer from belly fat, especially women, because of what we have become of lack of movement, lack of interest in health and unhealthy nutrition full of fat, in addition to pregnancy and childbirth for women, in this article we will provide you with the best abdominal exercises, mini tummy tuck and getting rid of the rumen with some general advice.
Tummy tuck
tummy tuck

Here are these tips, which include in your lifestyle to get rid of the rumen and tighten the abdomen.

Reduce fats and sugars.
Familiarize yourself with the frequent movement, even if it is a movement inside the house.
Drink of water, at least six glasses a day.
Do not perform all the following exercises daily, but start with two exercises a day for a quarter of an hour, and then increase them to three for half an hour, so as not to hurt your abdominal muscles, especially. When you haven't exercised before.

Tummy tuck exercises

Find out how to do four exercises on your journey to get rid of the rumen and tighten the tummy without tummy tuck surgery or harmful medications.

Bike Exercise:

This exercise is good for the abdominal and thigh muscles, first sleep on a soft and flexible floor and raise your legs and move as if you were riding a bicycle for two minutes, rest for a second and repeat the exercise ten times.

Foot touch exercise:

It is an important exercise in tightening the upper and side abdominal muscles, and you can start practicing it ten times or more, and gradually increase it if it is difficult for you,
Sleep on the floor with a mat below and raise your legs at a 90-degree angle,
Try to touch your left ankle with your right hand and repeat the movement.
Repeat the exercise 30 times and rest between them.

The pulley exercise:

This exercise is excellent for the lower abdominal muscles, which is the area where there is more fat. Prove yourself on a chair and hold the iron to pull. Relax your body and then bend your legs more to reach your chest each time.
Repeat the exercise 10 times, and you can rest between every five times.

Stomach exercise:

Lie on the floor and bring your legs together and hold them together, preferably with someone to stabilize or weight them.
Interlace your hands behind your head.
Lift the upper half forward, at a right angle of 90, and the repetition of the movement 15 times and the repetition of the exercise 10 times.
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