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Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Massage

Swedish massage goes back to ancient India, Swedish relaxation massage was developed which aims to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility and help the body release fatigue and pain and relax by relieving general tension. It will also have a calming effect on the mind as it helps lower blood pressure and heart rate.
Benefits of Swedish massage:
Swedish massage

Benefits of Swedish massage:

The most comfortable thing is to feel relaxed, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce muscle pain and improve body flexibility, which in turn can help solve problems sleeping, all night or waking up.

Other benefits include strengthening your immune system, which has been proven in many studies and research and this is related to circulatory activity, Swedish massage also improves the lymphatic system and removes toxins through their excretion from the skin.

Exercises used in Swedish massage

1-Light touch in Swedish massage:

Cavitation, a light touch, is the most commonly used in massage, it involves the general part of the body rather than focusing on a specific area. For example, in the whole back to warm up the muscles, different techniques, such as limestone, are used in the lower back, then in the middle and then in the upper back.

2-Kneading exercise in Swedish massage:

Kneading This technique is deeper and involves more pressure , It is used to compress and decompress the core muscles to help relax, more focused and if you just want to have a relaxing Swedish massage, this exercise can be left out.

3-Rhythm exercise in Swedish massage:

It includes percussion and cupping exercises. These are just slightly different ways to gently "hit" the muscles with different parts of the hand. This helps your muscles relax and loosen up more and more enjoyable , It is sometimes used at the end of a massage as a way to revitalize your body.

4-Stretching exercise in Swedish massage:

This exercise involves tensing and relaxing different muscles as you apply it.
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