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Integral Yoga


Yoga is a body and mind sport, going back to ancient historical origins. There are many styles of yoga that combine breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, and physical movements, including hot yoga, anger yoga, and back yoga. These are all forms of physical exercise aimed at improving body and mind control. Do it at home or the nearest yoga club.

Integral yoga
Integral yoga

Types of yoga:

There are many different types of yoga, some of which involve fast, intense movements, and others that involve resting and relaxing movements.

1-Yin Yoga

This is a meditative and regenerative style of yoga, performed for a maximum of three to seven minutes, performed in a sitting position, lying on the stomach or back with a breath, trying to do it. Calming the body and mind, intended to allow the body to relax, which is suitable for new learners of yoga, it helps to build flexibility and relieve stress.

2-Ashtanga Yoga

This model is called strength yoga because it focuses on strong movements, such as: compression that requires strength, and endurance, and it is suitable for people who seek to rehabilitate their back injuries, and athletic people, such as runners, cyclists, and those who want to increase flexibility and balance.

3-Bikram Yoga

This type is also called hot yoga, because it is done in a very warm room, it is a convenient way to increase flexibility, because heat helps to stretch body tissues, but it is not suitable for people with cardiovascular diseases, due to the stress on the body during strenuous exercise .

4-Hatha Yoga

This type is a series of exercises, allowing internal energy to flow freely, and serving to give a sense of energy and recovery, but its implementation requires a balance between strength and flexibility.

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