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Foot Care

The Importance Of Foot Care

There are many steps and ways that you can follow to take care of your feet perfectly, and the most important of these are:
Any foot problems can cause severe discomfort, and affect the way you walk and your health, due to poor pedicure or diabetic foot disease.
Foot care
 Foot care

The most important tips for foot care:

1- Wash your feet regularly:

You should wash your feet before going to sleep, and not leave dirt on the surface of the skin, as the feet may become irritated and infected, so you should wash your feet every evening with soap and water.

2- Dry your feet well:

Dry your feet well after washing them, especially between the toes because germs breed easily, then use a moisturizing foot cream (not body lotion).

3- Get Rid Of Dry And Cracked Skin:

Remove dead skin using a special stone or foot file very gently and periodically.

4- Clip your nails carefully and permanently

Always trim the toenails regularly and straight, keeping away from the corners so as not to cause damage to the nails and the ends of the skin.

5- Buy comfortable shoes:

Buy comfortable shoes while using to iron, the shoes are good for walking and working.

6- Change your socks regularly:

Make sure to change your socks daily to avoid foot odor and the growth of fungi and germs.

7- Watch out for germs in public places:

Long shoes are preferred when walking around in public places to avoid foot injury when using public places such as sports clubs, swimming pools, wet workplaces, or working in restaurants and hotels.
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