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Fast Acting And Eas To Prepare Recipes From The World Of Slimming

Fast Acting And Eas To Prepare Recipes From The World Of Slimming

Healthy Meal Plan For Weight Loss

One of the bad habits that people fall into is eating large amounts of foods full of fat and calories, and fat accumulates in all areas of the body, especially in the abdomen and buttocks area, and leads to obesity, which is an increase in weight at an abnormal rate and in children and adolescents more because they do not follow Healthy regimes, and today in this article we will talk about recipes for slimming.
slimming world recipes

Slimming Recipes:

With a significant increase in weight, a person loses his agility and flexibility of his body, and he cannot perform tasks well because he loses his activity, and this has prompted many people to use certain types of drugs that help lose weight, but over time they have negative effects. It is preferable to take natural recipes that help In losing weight without any negative effects, and among the most important recipes for rapid weight loss:

Slimming World Recipes

1- The garlic and parsley mixture.

This recipe is prepared by boiling three cups of water on a quiet fire with the addition of chopped garlic cloves and also adding a little parsley and mixing them well and leaving the mixture for half an hour and then filtering and drinking this mixture on a daily basis after eating the main meals.

2- The mixture of water and lemon.

This mixture is unique from the ideas of breakfast in the world of slimming to get rid of the accumulated fat in the areas of the body, and this recipe is done by mixing a cup of lemon juice with two cups of water and this mixture is taken every morning on an empty stomach to help with that. Digestion and weight loss.

3- Mix garlic with cumin.

Ten cloves of garlic are ground with a tablespoon of cumin, put in two cups of warm water, and this mixture is left for a quarter of an hour, and to get a good mixture, it is mixed in a blender and drunk every morning.

4- Cumin with cinnamon recipe

In this recipe, add half a spoon of ground cumin with a glass of water with two slices of lemon in addition to a tablespoon of cinnamon and ginger, mix the ingredients well and leave for ten minutes, it can be sweetened with white honey, and drink twice a day.

5- Flax seeds

We buy flax seeds from and well and grind them well and put them in a suitable dish and eat daily after meals and the result appears over time.
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