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  The Fast Walking 10,000 Steps
hanimd 28 September 2021
  The Fast Walking 10,000 Steps The Benefits Of Walking The benefits of physical activity depend on three factors: the intensity, duration, ...
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 Healthy foods for weight loss
hanimd 25 September 2021
Healthy Foods For Weight Loss Healthy Foods There are many healthy foods that can be included in your diet for weight loss, and the followin...
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Mind Health
hanimd 22 September 2021
Mind Health Healthy Body Healthy Mind There is a relationship between strong minds and eating healthy food and mental health, and the most i...
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 Cardiovascular Health
hanimd 19 September 2021
  Cardiovascular Health Health Of Heart One person has a heart attack every two minutes in the UK within 24 hours. To keep your heart health...
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Integral Yoga
hanimd 15 September 2021
Integral Yoga Yoga Yoga is a body and mind sport, going back to ancient historical origins. There are many styles of yoga that combine breat...
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Accutane For Acne
hanimd 12 September 2021
Accutane For Acne Isotretinoin (Accutane) treatment for acne and its effect on the body Oral isotretinoin Isotretinoin is a medication used ...
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Protecting The Skin From The Sun's Rays
hanimd 10 September 2021
Protecting The Skin From The Sun's Rays Skin Care Sunlight is one of the factors that cause the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles on...
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How To Take Care Of Oily Hair
hanimd 09 September 2021
How To Take Care Of Oily Hair Oily Hair  Excess natural oils on the scalp lead to oily hair, and oily scalp can be treated using home remedi...
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 Foot care
hanimd 07 September 2021
Foot Care The Importance Of Foot Care There are many steps and ways that you can follow to take care of your feet perfectly, and the most im...
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Swedish Massage
hanimd 05 September 2021
Swedish Massage What is Swedish Massage Swedish massage goes back to ancient India, Swedish relaxation massage was developed which aims to i...
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The 4 Best Tummy Tuck Exercises
hanimd 04 September 2021
The 4 Best Tummy Tuck Exercises Tummy Tuck Many men and women suffer from belly fat, especially women, because of what we have become of lac...
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Tips For Healthy Teeth
hanimd 03 September 2021
Tips For Healthy Teeth Healthy Teeth Dental care should always be by taking the right steps daily, avoiding unhealthy eating problems, and p...
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